It is record label Warcon’s stated mission to "become synonymous with the post-hardcore/screamo lifestyle," so you can easily figure out what kind of music will be heard when you spin one of their discs. My American Heart fits the stereotype perfectly; having played every date on this year’s Warped Tour and having achieved over a million downloads at Pure Volume.

But that doesn’t mean singer Larry Soliman and his crew aren’t still struggling to find their own sound. Three songs in particular stick out better than what most of the pack produces: "Oh No," which borrows a very old Jethro Tull guitar riff for its hook; the Lenny Kravitz influenced "Pitsten"; and the clever double-entendre of "Organ," where one can only assume Soliman is talking about his heart when he sings, "You are the keys to my organ/You do exactly what I play."

Grade: B