On the Frysmith truck, french fries are not a side dish. They never have to play second fiddle to a burger, and ketchup is entirely unnecessary. On this truck, fries are the main course, the lead role, the headliner. How does Frysmith pull that off? By taking twice fried Kennebec potatoes and topping them with a multi-cultural combination of ingredients that come together to create a major flavor party.

I generally like to be pretty healthy, or at least keep up that facade, and I had some major qualms about eating a big plate of loaded french fries for lunch. I had heard that Frysmith is amazing, but it just felt so wrong!

One day when Frysmith was on campus at UCLA, I had just been destroyed by a midterm and sought some solace. I don’t usually eat my feelings, and I’m not condoning doing so, but every once in awhile, a french fry truck rolls in when you are feeling vulnerable and sweeps you away with their fried, cheesy delights.

I gave into the temptation with some trepidation and an exciting tingle of guilt, and got in line. I was so torn between the menu items that I almost didn’t even get anything. That’s a lie, actually. I was so torn I almost got multiple things, but my wallet dictated otherwise. With options like beef chili with notes of chocolate and beer, or kimchi and pork, or shawarma-marinated steak with caramelized onions and poblano chilies, I was in a major predicament. I ultimately chose the Chicken Sweet Po fries: free-range chicken in a tomatillo-tamarind sauce over sweet potato fries topped with jack cheese and cashews.

As I waited anxiously for my fries, I couldn’t help but notice how exceptionally friendly the staff were. Despite how busy they were, they took time to chat with customers and provide exemplary service, which I really appreciated.

When I got my plate, I’m pretty sure an involuntary grin spread over my face as I took in the mound of goodness in front of me. I sat down under a tree, figured out my plan of attack, and dug in. These are definitely fries that you need to eat with a fork. Normally opposed to such behavior, which I regard with as much disdain as I do eating pizza with a fork and knife, I realized there was simply no other way. If I used my hands, it would just not be cute.

When I took my first bite, I realized that there was not one thing in this world that I would rather be eating right at that moment. Cheese, crisp sweet potato fries, and tender, flavorful chicken swept me away in a wave of culinary comfort nirvana. After a couple more bites, I also thought about how happy I was that I didn’t have to share with anyone. How sad is that? Borderline, if not full-blown, pathetic. But I do not care. They were so wonderful.

All of the flavors went together so beautifully. They were vibrant, yet nothing was overwhelming. I have an obsession with sweet and salty flavors, as well as textural pairings of creamy and crunchy, and these fries were most obliging to that. Sweet fries, salty tomatillo-tamarind sauce, creamy cheese, and crunchy cashews made for the Cirque du Soleil of lunches–beautiful, unexpected, and unforgettable…and I’ve never even seen Cirque du Soleil. If you’re not convinced yet, I throw up my hands. Just trust me and eat Frysmith.

To find out when the Frysmith truck will be making a stop near you, visit eatfrysmith.com.