Thousands of admitted students and guests flooded the UCLA campus Saturday, April 14, for the second annual Bruin Day. The campus buzzed with activity as incoming students took advantage of the many tours, presentations and dining options that UCLA has to offer. 

Blue and yellow balloons covered the campus, welcoming the over 4,000 eager admits. The main goal of Bruin Day was to offer answers to questions in an easy and accessible way.

With over 30 presentations on key UCLA topics, information sessions, tours and open houses, admitted students had access to virtually every resource on campus. As the May 1 decision deadline approaches, many high school seniors are still on the fence about where to spend their college years, and Bruin Day organizers hoped the event helped these students to make their difficult decision.  

Due to tuition hikes, many students came to campus interested in speaking with the financial aid department. Despite the rising cost, UCLA received 91,512 applications for the 2012-2013 academic year, making it the most applied to school in the country.

For the complete UCLA experience, new Bruins had the option of staying overnight with current students to experience the realities of dorm life.

"It gives them a chance to experience the life of a student," said Resident Assistant Briana Munoz-Flores, who hosted three admitted students, two of whom came from out of state.  "My admits fell in love with the campus, and I was able to settle their nerves by answering their questions."

For Munoz-Flores, Bruin Day was a great success. "One admit had already submitted her Statement of Intent to Register before Bruin Day, and the other two admits submitted theirs as soon as they got home," she said.