Untitled Document Slippery Chicken Pictures is proud to present the Los Angeles theatrical premiere of Sean Anders’ mocumentary, Never Been Thawed. Winner of the Best Feature Award at the Wisconsin Film Festival and the Breakout Filmmaker Award at the Sedona Film Festival, Never Been Thawed will open in Los Angeles at the Nuart Theatre Oct. 14.

In the vein of This is Spinal Tap and Best in Show, Never Been Thawed is a hilarious, dark and smart look at the subcultures that can turn each of us into fans, followers and serious dorks.

Shawn, who has been collecting frozen dinners since he was 12, works part-time as a dental hygienist to cover the cost of operating 14 full-sized freezers in a one-bedroom apartment. He is the founder of the Mesa Frozen Entree Enthusiasts’ Club, a small group of fanatical collectors determined to host the world’s first Frozen Entrée Enthusiasts’ Convention.

Shelly became infatuated with Shawn and joined the club after seeing him sing with his band. In a shameless bid for money and fame, Shawn had recently "converted" his obscene punk band to Christian rock. Shelly, a counselor on an Intercourse Prevention Hotline, a devout Christian and proud virgin, was smitten by Shawn’s "Christian bad-boy" image.

Al, the band’s bass player, harbors a secret crush on Shelly, lives with his parents and works as a "smilist" at Klown Kutz.

Then there’s Milo, the band’s manager, who owns the No Choice Café – an anti-abortion themed Christian cafe located across the street from an abortion clinic.

Meanwhile, Vince, the club’s wealthiest member, has assembled an entire collection that may soon rival Shawn’s. Vince’s impressive collection makes him a serious threat to Shawn’s authority.

Made for just $20,000, Never Been Thawed is a brainchild of Sean Anders (writer, director, actor), Chuck LeVinus (writer, producer) and John Morris (writer, actor). With a cast of first-time actors, who are also the film’s crew, Christian rock singers and frozen food collectors, these talented filmmakers are self-distributing their first film.

The Nuart Theatre is located at 11272 Santa Monica Blvd., in West Los Angeles, (310) 281-8223. Never Been Thawed will screen at the Nuart for one week only, Oct. 14-20. To watch the film’s trailer and for additional information, visit www.NeverBeenThawed.com.