Campus Circle’s art director/foodie corner dude, Sean Michael Beyer, goes bread to bread in the 10th Annual Los Angeles Grilled Cheese Invitational.

Pitting his grilled cheese culinary skills against 250 other amateurs and 50 professionals, Beyer has his work cut out for him.

The event was created by Tim Walker in 2003, in an artist loft in Downtown Los Angeles as a competition between friends, and since then, has grown into a national movement dedicated to perfecting the art of grilled cheese, with thousands of cheese fiends and regional competitions across the country.

There are four competition categories:

Love, American Style – White bread, butter, orange cheese (American or Cheddar) and nothing else.

The Missionary Position – Any type of bread, butter and cheese. No additional ingredients.

The Kama Sutra
– A sandwich of the savory nature, with any type of bread, butter and cheese PLUS additional ingredients, and the interior ingredients must be at least 60 percent cheese.

The Honey Pot
– Any kind of bread, any kind of butter, and any kind of cheese, and the interior ingredients of the sandwich must be at least 60 percent cheese, PLUS additional ingredients, and with an overall flavor that is sweet, and would best be served as dessert.

Beyer will be competing in the Karma Sutra category with his “Fruity Pig” sammich. You can draw your own conclusions as to what ingredients and cooking techniques go into his creation, but alas, he won’t disclose that tasty information until after the competition.

He’ll have 50 minutes to make five sandwiches for judging. The judges consist of professionals, regular, everyday people and even kids. The event, held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, is expected to be a sell-out.

So if you don’t have anything better to do on Saturday, April 28, pick up a couple of tickets at and then head on over to the Rose Bowl to see Beyer and 299 of his fellow competitors cut the cheese!