Not many movie theaters can satisfy costumers' needs, yet alone impress them with a unique and worthy experience. The newly remodeled Rave 18 + IMAX can, however, and it provides more as well.

Located at The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center in West Los Angeles, this Rave Motion Pictures theater outlet features a variety of wonders inside its complex. It includes various amenities, but let us focus on the movies first.

The theater's selection to booking movies comes from Rave Motion Pictures' bookers, of course. Just know, nevertheless, that they carry the most recent releases in any flick category (comedy, action, drama, horror, etc.) from all film production studios. This includes independent movies.

The Rave 18 sports a state-of-the-art IMAX room, which is by far one of the most intriguing ones of all Los Angeles, with a 70-mm film projector. And it looks amazing, to say the least! 

Some of the other features that this facility has are cutting edge digital projection systems (arguably the best in Los Angeles), reserved seating in select auditoriums, food and cocktails at the Rave Burger Bar (located on the second level), 21 and over shows at prime times, and concession stands featuring Coca Cola freestyle machines.

Although this is not a review of food, it is almost impossible to avoid mentioning the very exquisite menu items that the Rave Burger Bar offers. First of all, it offers alcoholic beverages at a modest price. Take the classic mojito, for example, which is just $10 and quite tasty. Beer and wine is also on the menu, which is perfect to pair with the available cuisine.

Not surprisingly, its namesake Rave Burger (priced at $12) is a hot item, and it is delicious. Served with sea salted skinny fries (yum), the burger is topped with cheddar cheese, griddled onions, tomato, bibb lettuce and roasted garlic mayo. 

Other food items include the little loaded potato skins (with smoked bacon, tomato, sour cream, cheddar cheese, jalapenos and green onion), buttermilk chicken tenders and thin crust pizza, among others. Two desserts are availble as well: the hot fudge brownie sundae ($8) and root beer float ($5).

The theater also offers $7 Tuesdays, where guests can take advantage of $7 tickets for 2D films all day long, along with free validated parking. This is - really it is - a great deal, particularly in this economy. Military and student discounts, Burger Bar Happy Hour at 4 p.m., and $7 early bird specials are also available daily. Furthermore, live broadcasts of The Metropolitan Opera sporadically take place.

For its ideal location and entertainment features, Rave 18 offers a lot to its patrons.

The Rave 18 is located at 6081 Center Dr., Los Angeles, CA. For showtimes and movie tickets, click here.