Russian native Devant started DJing at age 17 when he first moved to New York in the ’90s. His second album, Rewind, is a tribute to the sounds that were packing the clubs back in those days. Some tunes, like the pulsing re-imagination of KLF’s “3 a.m. Eternal,” actually come from that era, while others, such as the Devant-penned (and Madonna-like thanks to the vocals of guest singer Polina) “When You Came Along” and “You & Me” are new compositions. Other guest singers include Hadley, Rachael Starr, Taleen and Danielle Parente, with female vocals bringing an airy aura to about half of the set. Devant also flashes back to the ’80s with a nice take on the New Order track, “True Faith.”

Grade: B

Rewind is available now.