Now in their eighth year of existence, Conspirator has gone well beyond a Disco Biscuits spinoff for Biscuitmen Aron Magner (keyboards) and Marc Brownstein (bass). There’s been lots of heated anticipation for this their first live album, and it’s finally here. Conspirator is fond of jam-length tunes; more than half the songs on the album clock in at six minutes or over, but that’s about where any comparison with the Disco Biscuits ends. While the Biscuits flavor their music with hip-hop, Conspirator turns instead to jazz rock; “Park Avenue” finds guitarist Chris Michetti riffing like a hopped-up George Benson over a zippy symphonic arrangement that leaves the song sounding like something you might find on an album from prog rockers Karmakanic.

Grade: A

Unlocked: Live from the Georgia Theatre is available now.