UCLA will host a Farmers Market on Wednesday, April 25. 

This will be the third Farmers Market at UCLA in recent years, and the first on its main campus.  The successful turnout of the previous two markets allowed the Undergraduate Students Association Council to expand the event to Bruin Plaza, a central point on campus.

At the most recent Farmers Market, over 2,000 students attended during the course of the four hours that the market was open. With the new central location, turnout is expected to increase.

Nicole Klien, the executive director of the UCLA Farmers Market, says that campus traffic consisting of students, faculty, staff and visitors will pass directly through the Farmers Market in Bruin Plaza.

The market is expected to run from mid-day to early evening, allowing students plenty of time to hit the market before and after class.    

The market will offer a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables for sale.

"You can expect a large variety of produce such as artichokes, beets, carrots, avocados, cucumbers, lettuce, apples, berries, pomegranates, dragon fruit, citrus and much more," says Klien.

There is even an exotic fruit vendor scheduled to attend. Yum!

The USAC President's Office is partnering up with ASUCLA and E3, a sustainability group at UCLA, for the Farmers Market.

The three organizations agree that it is important to support local farmers and sustainable practices of obtaining food. They believe in the importance of making healthy food readily accessible to all UCLA students to promote living a healthy, produce-filled lifestyle.

There will be live music from some of UCLA's student musicians during the Farmers Market for the shoppers' enjoyment.

Klien anticipates many more Farmers Markets in UCLA's future because of the community it brings to the campus.

"It's fun! Who doesn't love a Farmers Market?!"