In other news, it’s also National Salad Month, but no one cares about that. This month has significant meaning for me personally because it marks the two-year anniversary of breaking my brief three-month stint as a vegetarian. I’ve never been a huge meat-eater, but I do love cheeseburgers, and those three months were a very dark time for me. The first thing I ate to indoctrinate myself back into the carnivorous world was, of course, a cheeseburger, and I enjoyed every bite –and never went back to my veggie ways.

Observe this sacred national holiday and enjoy a juicy burger from one of my favorite Westwood burger places:

The Apple Pan
10801 W. Pico Blvd.

The Apple Pan is hands down my favorite place to grab a burger. As soon as you open up the rickety door, you feel like you’ve stepped into a time warp. The Apple Pan didn’t aim for a 1950s retro vibe; they just haven’t changed anything since their opening, and that’s the way it should stay. You are almost guaranteed to have to wait for a seat around the greasy cook top, but it’s well worth it. Get their smoky hickory burger and fries, and be sure to ask for a side of their addictive barbecue sauce. Try to savor, not inhale!

Five Guys
1061 Broxton Ave.

I’ve already written a lengthy review for Five Guys (read it here) so I’ll keep this short. Just eat there. It is wonderful.

10955 Kinross Ave.

I feel like Fatburger is often overlooked among Westwood’s many food options, but I’m a fan. My favorite part about Fatburger is that they offer a lot of choices to cater to customers’ moods and hunger levels. There are five patty size options ranging from the petite 2.5-ounce Baby Fat to the massive 24-ounce Triple King, and you can choose between steak fries and skinny fries, or opt for onion rings. If you can’t find a combo that suits you, you should just go home.

Happy Burger Month!