As the rest of the college world enters finals week, UCLA enters midterms week. With six weeks left in Spring Quarter, it's hard to ignore the tweets and Facebook posts proclaiming "SUMMER!" from those lucky friends on the semester system. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, get out of your dorm room and find a cool new study spot on campus. Here are a few places you may not know about, or if you do, you may not frequent enough:

Young Research Library

If you haven't been to the newly- renovated YRL, its time to make the trip. Located in the heart of North Campus, the first word that comes to mind after walking through the automatic glass doors is spaceship. Adorned with space-age furniture and high-tech displays, the atmosphere in YRL is calm and relaxed.  If you need a change of scene, go up a level to the East Asian Library, where there are plenty of desks and tables. YRL is food-friendly, there is even a cafe conveniently located on the first floor to keep you caffeinated for the duration of your study.

Science and Engineering Library

This exists? Nestled on the eighth floor of Boelter Hall, this library is small and extremely quiet.  There are rows of tables and cubicles, with one or two couches near the back. A great place to sit down and be productive, the Engineering Library offers little in the form of distractions. For food, SEAS Cafe is conveniently located on the fifth floor of the same building, and the Bombshelter is a short walk away.

Kerckhoff Study Lounge

Since finding a table at Kerckhoff Coffee House is nearly impossible during normal school weeks, forget finding a table during midterms. Instead, head up to the third floor to the Kerckhoff Study Lounge.  Stained glass windows, large archways and an overlook onto Kerckhoff Patio create the perfect atmosphere for getting through those long study hours. 

Sculpture Garden

For those that prefer studying outdoors, wander over to North Campus and pick your favorite patch of grass. The Sculpture Garden is located at the most northern part of campus, and therefore has less foot traffic than the more populated Janss Steps area.  It’s a perfect place to spread out a blanket and sink into that textbook.