The wildly successful cupcake shop that began what has become a nation-wide fetish for boutique cupcakes is expanding into a new, but totally natural outlet. Opening next to their Beverly Hills location on May 24 is Sprinkles Ice Cream. Cake and ice cream go together like, well, cake and ice cream, and this pairing is sure to take Sprinkles fanaticism to a whole new level.

Sprinkles is already giving fans a peak at possible upcoming menu items on their Facebook page, including the  “The CupSHAKE” and red velvet ice cream.

Their already decadent confections reach a new level with the “cupshake,” which becomes apparent when browsing through their just released a Facebook album titled “How to make a Sprinkles Red Velvet CupShake!” Simply combine a few scoops of ice cream and a splash of milk, toss in a cupcake, blend it up, and lose yourself in a whirl of dessert splendor. We’re hoping this is a teaser for a menu item and not just a how-to! To check out the pictures, click here.

Sprinkles is also crowd-sourcing for feedback on how to tackle their red velvet ice cream. Fans can vote for their favorite version, choosing between ice cream with cupcake sprinkled atop or swirled within, served in a red velvet flavored cone. Swirled seems to be taking the lead. Click here to see the pictures and vote for your favorite.