Everything about F.Stokes makes him an incredible asset to the music industry. His rapping ability is phenomenal, his wardrobe is simple but on point, and his humble ways and sincerely honest expression of his feelings are what make him the original artist he is.

He brought all of these elements to his performance at Club Nokia on Cindo de Mayo. The show began with "Blessings," a remarkable track that became the perfect opening for a truly unique night of hip-hop.

The seven-song set followed with "Sky High" and "The Go" before F.Stokes dazzled with his version of "Beauty & the Beast," arguably a profoundly penetrating tune for all in attendance. "Beauty & the Beast" includes prolific beats and inspiring lyrics with an outstanding chorus "...so beautiful you are."

F.Stokes also performed "Hang On" and "Tickle Me Mars" (which he used to close out before his unwanted departure). His performance of "My Simple" had people epically lifted emotionally and physically - perhaps even mentally and spiritually. It is an up-tempo melody with a catchy message.

"Blessings," "Beauty & the Beast" and "My Simple" are a part of F.Stokes' latest E.P. - now available - titled Love, Always. On the album, this creative rapper shares a masterpiece of musical wonders not only in the sounds, but through his meaningful lyrics as well.

Overall, F.Stokes is a charismatic performer of hip-hop, rap and spoken word, all combined with the blends of soul and blues rhythms. His poetic style is a true gift to our ears.

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