Let’s say you are temporarily stuck on a tropical island with nothing but fruity libations and a CD. Patrick Ryan’s Knowledge should be the album du jour. In a CD that successfully combines reggae, new age and a touch of jazz, the album creates a sweet mix of musical styles that breaks up any possible musical monotony and makes those fruity concoctions slide down easily.

Knowledge’s "Prince of Power" and "I Stand Alone" have already seen play on the college radio circuit. The rest of the album delivers a diverse, part-reggae-part-soulful sound.

Ryan uses instruments from different genres, including heavy bass mixed with guitar, steel drums, flute, mandolin, banjo and piano, among others. His influences, ranging from Ben Harper, Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson, are widely evident, explaining his heavy collegiate following.

Rastarians, soft rockers and college partiers alike will like this album. Regardless of your preferred musical stylings, close your eyes and pop in this CD. Your island time has never been so sweet.

Grade: B