It’s not often that one thinks of Mexico City as a hip, burgeoning music scene, but Sub-Division may just prove otherwise. The four-member rock band fronted by lead singer Amira Baltezar and her three male counterparts (Amed Baltezar, Yamil Rezc, Samper) have an impressive range of sounds that seems to be exported from Scandinavia. Long lingering melodies bring to mind the haunting sounds of Sigur Rós and the strange echo of Baltezar’s voice under vibrating instrumentals hark back to the early days of Bjork.

The EP offers three different versions of "Leave Me," with the original version focusing heavily on drums and Baltezar who seems to channel a subdued Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as she pleads to her lover, "Please don’t leave me again/I’m going to kill/Kill myself." "Leave Me/Kampion Mix/Guillermo Guevara" has more of a space-tech club feel, while "Leave Me/Inchiocoa Mix/Alvaron Ruiz" has a mutilated sound with a robotic vibe.

Two different versions of "Promise" also appear on the CD as well. "Express" is the most promising track, which showcases the band’s creative potential. However, the band is devoid of emotion lyrically and fails to connect with the listener.

Grade: B