Going to GO Burger was single-handedly the absolute best burger experience I have ever had, and probably ever will have, in my life. I’m almost nervous to recount my evening because I’m not sure if my words can do it justice, but I’ll give it a shot.

GO Burger is located on a prime corner at Sunset and Vine, with floor-to-ceiling windows for ample Hollywood people-watching. Inside, the décor is modern yet cozy, with clean, sleek lines, comfy booths and dim lighting. I was very grateful for these last two things. I came with a friend, and although it was only two of us, we picked a huge booth, which ended up being a great call simply because we needed a large table to accommodate the massive spread of dishes we got to try. The dim lighting came in handy to hide our shameful gluttony.

The staff members are all absolutely amazing. They treat customers like friends, and provide some of the most exceptional service I have ever had in L.A. They are constantly smiling and check on you often, but aren’t annoying about it.

You probably want to hear about the food, too. I read the mouth-watering menu online beforehand, so I was already very excited. As soon as I sat down though, I overheard a man a couple of tables over say, upon biting into his burger, that this was the best burger he had ever had. My excitement level shot up a million points. After perusing the menu for a couple minutes, our waitress offered a few suggestions and we went from there.

First came a round of appetizers: fried dill pickles with paprika-ranch dipping sauce, maple-chipotle chicken wings, and creamy spinach and artichoke dip. Honestly, they could have stopped there because we could have easily made a meal out of all of that. My favorite was the pickles. I’m biased, because I have an unnatural obsession with pickles, but the crisp, battered, tangy pickle chips with the creamy, spicy sauce were so novel to me, and I now have an even deeper obsession with pickles knowing that they can be fried with beautiful results. My friend’s favorite was the spinach dip, which came piping hot and covered with a golden layer of cheese. Not to be ignored though were the wings. They had the perfect balance between sticky and crispy, and the chicken was very tender. The maple-chipotle flavor was very unique: you got the sweetness from the maple first, and then a sneaky burn from the chipotle afterwards. They were served with a cooling blue cheese sauce that was much more refined than a typical gloppy dressing, and it was a very nice complement to the spicy wings.

I almost forgot about our burgers and got giddy all over again when our entrees came out. My roommate ordered the “Ultimelt,” which came with caramelized onions and bacon, served between two rye and Gruyere grilled cheese sandwiches instead of a bun. I had one of their special menu items: the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger. This one also came with bacon and caramelized onions, as well as a fried macaroni and cheese patty on top of the beef patty. We went halvsies so we could each try both of them. A bite of the Ultimelt sent me to a very good place, but a bite of the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger pushed me straight to paradise, heaven, nirvana, or wherever the most wonderful fate lies. The Ultimelt was very good, and serving it between two grilled cheese sandwiches made it special, but quite honestly, I don’t know that the rye bread was the best choice. I love rye, but I think the flavor of the bread overwhelmed the flavor of the burger. I think I would like it much better if it were on sourdough or another milder bread. Aside from that, the patty was cooked perfectly, and the salty bacon was lovely paired with the sweet caramelized onions. The Ultimelt was also standing next to some very stiff competition. The glorious Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger was undoubtedly the best burger I have ever had. Like the Ultimelt, it had a perfectly cooked patty and that awesome onion and bacon thing going on, but topping it off with the fried macaroni and cheese took it to a whole new level. Additionally, the bun was more traditional and served its purpose well without stealing the spotlight.

But what’s a burger without fries? At GO Burger, the amazing burgers have no problem being independent, but that did not stop us from trying a few of their different fry varieties. Aside from the “Skinny Fries” that are standard with the burgers, we also got to try their Duck Fat Fries and Truffle Fries. The Duck Fat Fries were thick-cut steak fries which, I imagine, were fried in duck fat, giving them a depth of flavor that one can’t quite put a finger on but keeps you reaching for more. The tangy tarragon dipping sauce was the perfect foil to the rich fries. The truffle fries were thin-cut, and tucked under a feathery coating of finely grated Parmesan, which I imagined to be a blanket made by angels. No sauce was needed on this marvelous creation because the truffle stands alone beautifully.

Last but not least, we had dessert. After all of this food, ordering shakes was entirely unnecessary, but it was definitely the right choice. GO Burger is famous for their spiked shakes. My biggest regret in life is that I was born just a few weeks too late, as my 21st birthday is right around the corner. I had to settle for a kid-friendly shake, but it was still one of the best milkshakes I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. I had the Mocha Mudslide with coffee ice cream, Oreo cookies and chocolate syrup, topped with luscious whipped cream that flirted with being a mousse. My friend had the Monkey Business, with chocolate ice cream, peanut butter and bananas, topped with chocolate whipped cream, which floored me. I wish I could put that chocolate whipped cream on everything. The milkshakes were the perfect thickness and made me feel like a little kid again (or maybe that was just because I was faced with yet another reminder of how not 21 I am).

I ended my meal with the same giddy grin that I started it with, feeling the need to curl into a ball and pass out in a food-induced coma, but also wishing that I could rewind a couple hours and experience it all again. Everything at GO Burger was absolutely phenomenal. The staff treated us like royalty, and every dish was decadent and utterly singular. I give my very highest compliments to the chef and everyone at GO Burger for creating the ultimate dining experience.

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GO Burger is located at 6290 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. For more information, visit goburger.com.