This Australian five-piece got their start when pro surfer Ozzie Wright decided to make a surf movie and needed a band to star in it. He put himself on the bass, his wife Bang Bang Bunny Fang on vocals and recruited fellows named Cut-throat Cowboy, Killa Whale and Vaughn Dead to round out the band.

But don’t let all the goofy names mislead you, this is no comedy record.

The Goons of Doom have a sound that is a unique amalgam of surf, horror and frenetic college rock that runs counter to most of the straight ahead guitar rock that is coming out of Oz right now. The accents are heavy, the beats are danceable and the band rocks with joyous abandon. Bikey Zomby is only an E.P., but its five songs are a lot more fun than most of the full discs coming out right now.

Grade: A