Everybody knows "The Walrus" is Paul (McCartney that is) but who is I Am the Avalanche? That would be former Movielife singer and guitarist Vinnie Caruana, former Further Seems Forever guitarist Brandon Swanson and Kellen Robson, Michael Ireland and Brett Romnes on bass, guitar and drums respectively.

The boys play punk-flavored power-pop that bounces along to Caruana’s clever wordplay on songs like the death-of-a-relationship "Dead and Gone." The singer has his tongue stuck firmly in cheek as he intones: "At the bottom of the swimming pool/I think I found a clue." Caruana’s subject matter stays dark throughout, reflected in titles like "New Disaster" and "My Second Restraining Order."

But the songs aren’t downers, and the band taps into a happy ska beat for the pithy "Murderous." Easy sing-alongs after a couple of listens; this is the type of stuff that very quickly makes a band a fan-favorite.

Grade: B+