Supergrass, the band whose infectious blend of effervescent post-grunge Britpop has helped it make a name for itself with the boyish charm of its members, seems to have grown up. After exposure to musical fame and rock stardom at such a young age, Supergrass’ fondness for creating catchy, harmony-rich rock continues, though in a more subdued manner, in Road to Rouen. Those who followed and loved the old Supergrass may find the new offering a little disconcerting as it has very few traces of that bubbling exuberance that characterized the band’s early releases. However, it simply continues the maturation of a group whose artistic endeavors were stuck in the same loveable place for years. In spite of the album’s slower tempo, Supergrass is able to piece together irresistible and masterful tracks. The most evident ones being "Coffee in the Pot," which has the virtue of sounding instantly and lovingly familiar; "Tales of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)," with its beautifully-rendered instrumentation; and the title track "Road to Rouen," whose spacey wobbles and stomping beats combine with matter-of-fact vocals to make this track extraordinary. Road to Rouen is an enticing album that ends all too soon, reminding the listener that revolutions can come in the quietest ways. Grade: A