There is nothing like a run-down sailboat to foreshadow a story about brokenness, restoration and rejuvenation.

Josh Lucas (J Edgar) plays an unnamed, somber businessman who buys and inhabits a dilapidated sail boat in Hide Away, the latest film from director Chris Eyer (Smoke Signals). 

Set in a picturesque town in the Great Lakes region, the mystery of the new inhabitant of the Hesperus attracts the attention of a local waitress (Ayelet Zurer) and a retired seaman (James Cromwell). The two watch from a distance as the businessman begins a long and secluded journey of recovery.

With his wedding ring flashing repeatedly onscreen, the constant nagging of a mysterious and assumed-to-be tragic past remains opaque, slowly unfolding as Lucas's character is haunted by images of his family and former life.

His emotional turmoil is mirrored by the condition of his sailboat, slowly healing as he picks up the pieces and returns the boat to its former glory.

Hide Away is a powerful portrayal of the stages of grief and heartbreak. Lucas carries the weight of the film on his shoulders, single-handedly capturing each stage of grief in a haunting portrayal of a broken man. Although deeply unsettling at times and extremely slow moving, at the end of the day Hide Away incorporates just enough beauty and inspiration to come out as a substantial -- though not necessarily enjoyable -- film.

Grade: C

Hide Away releases June 1 in Los Angeles.