When the snow has melted at Mountain High and patrons have to hang up their skis and snowboards for the season, disc golfers take over: Southern California’s closest winter resort becomes Southern California’s highest and most beautiful disc golf course.

New to disc golf? Leave your clubs and tees at home for this game. Disc golf involves throwing Frisbees at targets with the goal of completing the course with the fewest number of throws. Rather than using a well-groomed golf course setting, disc golf courses are often built into more natural terrain, making use of the environment for obstacles and hazards. The ever-growing sport started in the 1960s and is now played in more than 40 countries, and there are almost 3,000 courses in the U.S. alone.

The Sky High Disc Golf Course, Southern California’s only course above 6,000 feet, is located at Mountain High’s North Resort. Touted as the best course in Southern California, Sky High was designed by Innova Disc Golf owner Dave Dunnipace, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of discs, baskets and accessories.

Disc golfers rave about the brilliant design of the course, which is broken down into three 9-hole courses that offer an excellent variety of holes to keep golfers challenged and on their toes. A full round takes you on a 2.5-mile hike through the gorgeous, historic Angeles National Forest, where players can take in scenic views, including snowcapped mountains to the west and an expanse of desert vistas to the east. Disc golfers are also likely to catch a glimpse of wildlife, such as hawks, deer, coyotes and more, making for an ideal escape from city living to experience nature in a way that only Mountain High can offer.

Try your hand in a disc golf competition to shake things up. Mountain High hosts a variety of events each season, including the Sky High Showdown, part of the Southern California Disc Golf Tour and PDGA Tour (yes, both of those things exist).

The course opened this Memorial Day weekend, marking its 12th year in operation, and will be running on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays through October 8. A 27-hole round is a steal, costing only $7, and a season pass goes for only $35. Get geared up at the pro shop that offers a full line of disc golfing accessories, and then come back after your game to enjoy some après-golf drinks and snacks.

Don’t let the lack of snow keep you from visiting Mountain High. Sky High Disc Golf promises fun for all ages and experience levels, from beginners to the most seasoned disc golfers.

For pricing, programs and directions, visit their official Web site.