Movie soundtracks sometimes seem randomly selected, but on a carefully curated soundtrack, the purpose of each song on the album is clear. Such is the case with Girl In Progress – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 

The film Girl In Progress tells the story of Grace (Eva Mendes) and her daughter Ansiedad (Cierra Ramirez); both struggle to mature while improving their difficult relationship. A comedy and drama, the film's progress as a cinematic piece is aided by the presence of 13 solid tunes, both in English and Spanish.

Eydie Gorme y Trio Los Panchos perform the soundtrack's first song, "Sabor A Mi" (It Tastes Like Me), which is romantic, upbeat and a true example of a Mexican bolero. "Shake The Tree" by Reni Lane, who also sings the track "We Don't Forget," follows with her alternative rock/pop sounds, which successfully reflects the feelings of angst present in the movie. 

Espinoza Paz, a Mexican musician and composer of the Mexican Regional genre, charges away with the remaining two Spanish tracks, "Mis Amistades" (My Friendships) and "Asi o Mas" (Like This or More). Both show Paz's poetic niche. "Mis Amistades" is an up-tempo piece that can arguably be named the soundtrack's most prominent, while "Asi o Mas" is a pop tune, featuring sensation Maria Jose. Paz and Jose's voices are a delight when their vocals appear together in the background.

Beth Thomley's three melodies, particularly "You're So Pony," grab one's attention instantly. Meanwhile, the remaining artists' numbers (Queen Sea Big Shark's "Hard Heart (Love Spy)," Little Foot Long Foot's "May," D'Anna Stewart's "Beat Back" featuring Osa, Jessy Moss's "Oh Child" and Andrew Belle's "Oh My Stars") make the CD an even more pleasant listen.

Grade: A- 

Girl In Progress – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available now.