Abigail Klein is making her movie debut this summer, and she’s already sharing the screen with some of the biggest names in the biz, including Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Leighton Meester.

“This was my first movie, so it was a pretty incredible cast to get,” said Klein of her work on That’s My Boy. “Everybody, of course was brilliantly hilarious, but everybody was so welcoming, professional and just super sweet, and so it made the whole experience so nice.”

Klein will play one of Leighton Meester’s fun-loving, enthusiastic bridesmaids in the comedy, hitting theaters June 15. According to the blonde beauty, there were just as many laughs off-camera as there were in the script.

“Every day something funny would happen and everybody would erupt in laughter!”

While this is Klein’s first film, she has previously appeared on the small screen in “90210” and “The Young and the Restless.” Her interest in acting was sparked just after she finished high school, when she visited a friend who was working on a movie set.

“I got to see how it worked, and I absolutely loved it,” she said. “I loved how everybody was working together, and it just sparked the curiosity of, ‘Wow, what is this acting all about?’”

Klein decided then and there that she wanted to move to L.A. to pursue acting, but her plans were delayed a bit, as she had already started training to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

“I’ve grown up dancing since I was little, so my first allegiance is to that,” explained the Texas native.

She decided to cheerlead for three years so that she would have a chance to cheer in the both the old and new Cowboys stadiums, a decision that led to an incredible opportunity for her.

“When I look back on cheerleading, of course the games are exhilarating and totally fun, but that’s not what I think of first; I think of the USO tour that I did with them,” said Klein, who traveled to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan during the winter of 2009 during her third year on the squad.

“I’ll never forget just being out there, wearing bullet-proof vests and visiting with soldiers on different bases,” she recalled. “‘Life-changing’ I guess is cliché, but it was such a reality check. You go with the intention of bringing home to them, but you leave feeling completely overwhelmed with gratitude because everybody over there was so grateful and so ecstatic.”

She recalls one particularly memorable moment during her tour.

“One soldier said, ‘Thank you so much for coming. Your show for the past two hours took me away from everything going on, and I was able to just enjoy for the first time in a long time.’ It just really rocks you to your core.”

After her three years on the team was over, Klein felt it was time to follow her acting ambitions.

“I decided, I’m just going to go for it and give it a try, so I just picked up and moved West!”

It seems as though this gamble is paying off for the dancer-turned-actress.

“I still feel blessed that I’ve been able to work a little bit out here,” she humbly stated. “I feel like I am one of those lucky ones that it’s working out [for]. I’m just enjoying it; I’m pretty open-minded to whatever’s out here, [and] so far I love it.”

Klein knows that acting can be a very unpredictable career, but she is up to the challenge.

“I don’t know what’s next for me and that’s part of the fun,” she said. “I’m learning that here in L.A., for your peace of mind, taking life day by day has been a good approach. I’m auditioning and continuing to experience L.A., and I’m excited to see what’s next, whatever it may be.”

While she is uncertain exactly what she will be doing, she hopes to stay in the realm of television and film acting.

“I would love to have a career somewhat like Rachel McAdams,” gushed Klein. “I love everything about her: I love her career choices, and she is awesome!”

“Really, my goal is to discover my goals,” she continued. “I would love to do it all and experience it all, whatever it is.”

When she’s not busy auditioning for future roles, Klein loves staying active.

“I really love to hike, and that only started when I moved to L.A. because Texas is so flat, and it’s always so hot that you really can’t do anything outdoors,” she explained. “I really just like to be outdoors now that I’m in L.A. It’s so beautiful and scenic!”

The gorgeous up-and-comer also loves taking pilates classes.

“I just have started taking Pilates Plus, and it’s one of the toughest workouts ever! You leave feeling sore in muscles you did not know you had. It’s pretty addicting!”

Catch Abigail Klein in That’s My Boy, releasing June 15. In the meantime, find her on Twitter @abigailklein.