The five cute girls who make up Blush come from Hong Kong, Japan, India, Korea and the Philippines, and they proved last year with two huge dance hits that they’re more than just pretty faces. The hits are re-presented here; the original pop version of “Undivided” with Snoop Dogg is remixed by Dave Aude and again by Morgan Page, while the pulsating No. 1 hit “Dance On” is reprised in two special radio remixes. The previously unreleased “All Stars” finds the ladies picking out their wardrobes and planning their itinerary for a night on the town, while producers Steve Schnur and Darrell Brown play with the auto-tune. The track “Warrior” is a clear nod to the Madonna sound.

The Undivided E.P. is basically a tide-me-over meant to hold fans until a full album is ready, and when that time comes, Blush will undoubtedly take another big step towards becoming enduring pop stars.

Grade: B

The Undivided is available now.