It’s generally recognized that the occupation of air traffic controller is a high-stress job, but it must not have been too bad for former Navy air traffic controller Dave Munro. Not only did Munro name his band after his former profession, but he wrote most of the happy-go-lucky Nordo while he was deployed. If the joyful bounce of “Hurry Hurry” is any indication, Munro was keeping our naval aviators safe while grinning from ear to ear.

Munro’s sunny attitude thoroughly informs all of Air Traffic Controller’s work, whether he’s trading vocals with bassist Casey Sullivan on the handclaps-and-harmony-filled “You Know Me,” or pop-rocking in a Killers vein on “If You Build It.” Nordo never crosses into bubblegum territory, but this set is very sugary and Air Traffic Controller flirts with sweet pop perfection throughout.

Grade: B

Nordo releases June 26.