If you’ve seen any of the advertisements for Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, you know that it has been marketed as a comedy. It should be noted that the movie is hilarious; however, what you don’t see in the advertisements is the true heart of this movie. At its core, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is a romance.

When it was announced, it seemed that a film about the end of the world starring Steve Carell and Kiera Knightley might be a bit of a mess. Honestly, who would look at Knightley and Carell and think that they might have chemistry on screen? But surprisingly, they do.

The movie begins several weeks before the end of the world. Dodge (Carell) has just been left by his wife, and he’s seeking solace in his friends. Unfortunately, it seems that the announcement that the world is ending has made his friends lose any and all sense of sanity. Therefore, Dodge attempts to maintain normalcy without them. He continues to work, despite some rather ominous signs, such as a man jumping off of a building and landing on his windshield after he parks. Despite all his efforts, it seems Dodge just cannot escape the insanity. Moreover, he seems unable to escape his loneliness –that is, until he meets Penny (Knightley).

Penny is the exact opposite of everything that Dodge represents. If he represents sanity and serenity, Penny demonstrates an overall lack of clarity and a seemingly absent-minded disposition. Dodge sees her crying on a fire escape outside his window, and comforts her. When he asks why she is sad, Penny reveals that she has missed her plane to England where her family was waiting for her. Dodge also discovers that Penny has been holding his mail that had been accidentally delivered to her. In the pile of mail was a red envelope containing a letter from his long-lost first love confessing that she still loved him.

Penny and Dodge decide to make a deal. Dodge knows a man with a plane, and he will take Penny there after they’ve traveled to his long-lost lover’s house. The unlikely duo then set out on a ridiculously hysterical journey, racing against the clock to find someone to be with at the end of the world.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is absolutely side-splitting. Here, Carell once again takes on a slightly more serious role. Surprisingly enough, it’s Knightley who garners most of the laughs in the film. Her comedic abilities really shine through, and you have to wonder why she hasn’t been in more comedies. Penny could not have been cast more perfectly. Knightley and Carell are aided by an equally talented ensemble cast, which makes the film a must-see. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is the perfect summer rom-com, and it can be enjoyed by almost anyone. This film is an absolute delight to watch.

Grade: A

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