This band is clearly heavily influenced by a wide variety of ‘80s styles: “Alone” gurgles along to a krautrock rhythm, while “You Are the One” owes plenty to the Billy Idol oeuvre. Elsewhere you’ll hear nods to the Cure, David Bowie’s work in Berlin, Iggy Pop’s work in Berlin, and any number of British shoegaze synth bands.

With so many obvious influences you’d think that Worship would be too derivative to be interesting, but to the contrary, songs like “Fear” – with front man Oliver Ackermann singing with a detached coolness that belies the song title – prove that there’s still plenty of fresh blood to be squeezed out of the genre. With a clever mash-up of surf and industrial sounds. “Why Can’t I Cry Anymore” is another standout.

Grade: A

Worship releases June 26.