“When Love Takes Over” could easily be credited as now-household name David Guetta’s breakout song, skyrocketing both him – and the electronic dance music genre in general – to new levels of prominence. While you’ve undoubtedly heard the track, you may not know the names of the two girls behind it: Mim and Liv Nervo.

Well, if you haven’t heard of the multi-talented songwriters/DJs/producers/singers yet, you’re sure to soon, as the Australian natives are climbing the charts with their own dance track, “You’re Gonna Love Again.”

“We’re really enjoying releasing records under our own name, where we can be free without any boundaries,” explains Mim, one half of the duo that goes by the name NERVO. “It’s a great experience. It’s new to us, but we’re really enjoying it.”

The girls have previously written hits for an impressive list of pop stars that includes Ke$ha, David Guetta, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland and the Pussycat Dolls, and have collaborated with top DJs and producers, including Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Kaskade, Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, LMFAO and Dadalife.

“We’ve been writing songs since forever, since back in high school, and we started doing it professionally when we moved to the U.K. about eight years ago,” explains Mim.

The girls first took a stab at creating music for themselves with the wildly successful club anthem “We’re All No One,” which features Steve Aoki and Afrojack, with Mim and Liv providing their own vocals. The song made it into the Top 10 on the Billboard club charts, as well as making it into heavy rotation on BBC Radio 1 in the U.K.

The success of the song landed them a spot on the Femme Fatale tour with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, as well as invitations to perform at music festivals around the globe.

“I think EDC is incredible, Tomorrowland is also incredible, and I also think the Summerdayze festival in Australia is great as well,” says Mim of their recent festival performances. “Normally we would just be a spectator there and listen to all of the DJs, but now that we play at them, we get to go there for work and listen to everyone at the same time.”

While the twin sisters get inspiration from other DJs, they are also inspired by artists from quite a diversity of genres, ranging from the Chemical Brothers to Jack Johnson to Phoenix to fellow Aussie-natives Empire of the Sun. When it comes to turning their inspiration into creating, the duo pulls from a number of sources.

“Sometimes we’ll be inspired by a time in our lives, and that will come through in our lyrics,” says Mim. “Other times we’ll be in the studio and we’ll be inspired by a riff. It changes all the time. It’s very personal, especially for our own projects, and our songs are kind of like a diary for us.”

Though the Nervo girls have been involved in the creative side of music for a while, they have a newfound love for the touring aspect as well.

“I can honestly say we like both,” says Mim. “Just when you’re getting a bit stir-crazy in the studio, you go out and do a gig, and you’re enjoying the gig. They really do complement each other.”

NERVO has just wrapped up their tour, and have definitely had some memorable experiences along the way.

“We’ve stage-dived a few times now,” says Mim. “And two nights ago was the first time that we had people throwing bras at us. As we tour, it’s getting more and more incredible. People are coming with custom-made signs and T-shirts. The other day we played in Chicago, and this one guy wrote on a sign: ‘Liv and Mim, I will give you five babies each!’ It was really funny.”

Now that the tour is over, the girls will be heading to Ibiza for a residency at the club Ushauaia.

“It’s been a dream of ours to live out there forever, so we’re actually going to be living there this year,” says Liv. “We’re super excited about that.”

It seems that NERVO really is living the dream, but they humbly credit other electronic dance music artists for enabling them to achieve this new level of success, especially in the States.

“I think there have been artists that have really paved the way for a more electronic sounds to really dominate American radio stations,” says Liv. “David Guetta has done a big part of that, and Avicii is also doing the same. We can definitely feel the buzz and the acceleration of this kind of music in America.”

Liv sees the boom in popularity of dance music as being about the overall experience.

“It really is a crazy energy and a good time, and I think a lot of the kids really like that,” she explains. “That’s why we were going clubbing for all those years: We really enjoyed the music, but we also enjoyed the partying. These new DJs are making the party even bigger.”

For NERVO, the party shows no sign of stopping: they are set to drop a new single, and are hoping to put out a full album soon as well.

“It’s been a total trip-out,” says Mim of their newfound popularity, “but we’re loving the journey and the ride.”