Everything in the Muckrackers’ world seems happy. Their guitar-based pop songs are full of wonder, love and mostly hope.

Their first national album, Front of the Parade, mixes Sister Hazel’s guitar and Barenaked Ladies vocals and wit to create their own signature sound that’s heavy with harmony. Don’t be surprised if you hear these Louisville, Ky., boys on a WB network show soon. The entire album sounds like it’s prime-time TV-drama friendly.

Catchy chords and ready-for-the-chorus foreshadowing dominate the album. Most songs, including opening tracks "Cigarettes and Magazines" and "Through My Door," feed off the band’s aforementioned influences. A touch of Better Than Ezra can be heard on "Hold On." And, a great song for a pub-night-out with friends can be found in "Happy Inn."

The CD’s only downfall is "When the Morning Calls," when the rapping starts.

Having opened up for bands such as the Violent Femmes, Vertical Horizon and Jessica Simpson, you’re sure to hear more about this group, especially if you watch a lot of TV.

Grade: B-