Pam and Eric’s relationship seems to be over, Terry revisits his army days, Sookie and Alcide finally hook up, Nora spills the beans, and Jason and Andy head to the fairy version of Fangtasia.

Vampire Parenting

After the series of sweet Eric and Pam flashbacks, the two vamps have a not-so-sweet reunion. Eric attacks Pam and accuses her of digging up Russell. Furious and insulted that Eric would question her loyalty, Pam demands that he release her as her maker. Eventually, Eric does decide to release her, not because he doesn’t care about her, but because he wants to keep her safe from Russell and the Authority. And Eric isn’t the only one thinking about his duties as a maker. Bill shares a sweet moment with Jessica, but contemplates their bond since he is in the same boat as Eric and doesn’t want Jessica to suffer any harm. Pam tends to her own duties as a new maker, forbidding Tara to attempt suicide again and force-feeding her a nice human. Now that’s good parenting.

Post-Trauma Drama

More of Terry’s past is revealed in the episode, flashing back to a night in Iraq. Amid Fourth of July festivities, Terry’s unit got a little wasted. The night took a violent turn as one of his comrades shot and killed a civilian. A shooting then broke out, leaving several other civilians dead. Back in the present, Terry and Patrick make it to South Dakota where they find a creepy underground bunker. It belongs to the marine who shot the civilian that night in Iraq, who may be the one who has been starting the fires. Regardless, we’re still not quite sure how this will tie in with the rest of the show.

Sookie Woes

Boo-hoo, it seems that for once Sookie is not being worshipped by all of Bon Temps. Word has spread that she turned Tara into a vampire, earning her some dirty looks and mean thoughts from Merlotte’s customers. She has also managed to severely piss off Lafayette, prompting him to go brujo and do some dark magic on her car. But Tara was right: “There will always be someone to take a bullet for her.” And this time that someone comes in the form of a gruff and buff Alcide, who covers for her and tells Debbie’s parents that Marcus killed their daughter. He then goes to Sookie’s place, where they get drunk and finally hook up. It’s one thing to kill someone and get away with it, but it’s quite another to hook up with their ex a few days later. Only in Sookie’s world! But little does the drunken couple know, there’s a peeping Bill outside watching them, soon followed by Eric. The new bros aren’t over their ex, but for now they’ve got more important things to worry about, and that might mean they need Sookie’s help.

Traitor Among Us

Nora finally succumbs to questioning when the Guardian takes out his handy-dandy execution app, threatening the lives of Eric and Bill. After promising to spare their lives with something like Harry Potter’s Unbreakable Vow, Nora reveals her collaborator. The traitor turns out to be the creepy man-child chancellor. After another pseudo-religious speech, the Guardian stakes the chancellor without hesitation. But there’s still something up with Salome that makes us wonder if the true traitor has really been ousted.

Club Fairy

We already knew something fishy was going on with the mayor, and of course it has something to do with the supernatural. He takes Andy and Jason out for a night on the town, and surprise!, they end up at a fairy version of Fangtasia. The place is a cross between a circus and a strip club, but Jason gets distracted when he finds his fairy cousin Hadley there. She warns him that they need to save Sookie before the vampires get her. “They will kill her, just like they did your parents,” she says. What!? So Jason and Sookie’s parents weren’t killed in the flood? Desperate to know more, Jason tries to chase after Hadley, but he and Andy get thrown out and attacked by some fairy bouncers.

What’s next?

Eric, Bill and Alcide team up
Terry and Patrick deal with a psycho
Tara has an odd encounter with Hoyt
Corpses and straightjackets?
Voldemort-esque Russell
Sexy time with Alcide

Watch a preview of next week’s episode here.