Trying to spruce up your wardrobe for the summer? If so, you will definitely want to consider adding a few body con skirts to it, as these form-fitting pieces are definitely one of the hottest trends this season. Judging from the number of celebrities wearing body con skirts and the amount they have been featured on the runway recently, it’s safe to say that this piece of clothing has definitely topped the list of summer essentials this year! This is a trend perfect for those fashionistas who want to look stylish, yet still feel comfortable.

Whoever said that looking good and being comfortable are mutually exclusive has definitely not tried on a body con skirt. These figure-hugging skirts do not only provide slimming effects and accentuate your curves, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear! Most of them are made out of soft and stretchy cotton material with an elastic waistband, and they fit so well that they can be mistaken for a second skin.

Another factor that has contributed to the wide popularity of body con skirts is their appropriateness for various occasions. You can rock different kinds of looks with a body con skirt, ranging from going to a job interview to having a night out at the club. With diverse styling techniques, you can transport the same body con skirt from club appropriate to work appropriate.

Styling Tips for a Night Out:

Clubs and parties usually take place in a dark atmosphere. Therefore, in order to stand out and be the center of the attention, body con skirts in bold patterns and bright colors  are the perfect clothing items to go for. Try on-trend colors, like coral (with a pink undertone), any neon colors (especially orange), mint green or red, as all make good color choices for a night out. Also, popular patterns such as stripes, florals and leopard prints have defied time and held on to another season, so look for these patterns when you are shopping for body con skirts. Sport one of those colors/patterns at a club or a party, and you will definitely capture some good attention and make a fierce fashion statement. One last thing to note: try to keep the top as simple as possible. This will balance out the loudness of your skirt. Pair your bright and bold body con skirt with a neutral color tank top or bustier, and you are ready to own the dance floor or the party.

Styling Tips for the Office:

Since offices are a more traditional and conservative environment, a black body con skirt is the best fit for the occasion. Black body con skirts are the best thing to wear if you want to look professional and still be comfortable. For one, the visual image of black body con skirts resembles that of the traditional pencil skirt, which makes it appropriate to wear for an office environment, but, since body con skirts are made from stretchy and soft material, they won’t give you that confined or restricted feeling that a tradition pencil skirt might. As for the top, any dressy top of a neutral color or black or white will do. One suggestion is to wear the skirt with a dressy ruffle blouse, as ruffles remain to be big this season. A sheer button down blouse also serves as a nice pick for the office. However, make sure to wear a neutral color tank top underneath it, as you don’t want to be too risqué! Lastly, don’t forget to tuck your shirt into the skirt to make it a more professional look.

Styling Tips for an Everyday Look:

For a casual day out, light color body con skirts, as well as the popular patterns I mentioned above, floral and stripe, are the ones to go for. These colors and patterns will present you as very fun, relaxed and flirty. Pair the skirt with a sheer or loose and flowy light-colored top. The sheerness and looseness will give you a very laid back vibe, and makes you seem like an easy-going person. Tie shirts are another good choice to pair with a light body con skirt. It allows you to show a little skin, which blends in a more summery and fun tone to the whole look. If you are bored of light-colored shirts and want to spice things up a little, dip-dyed denim shirts are an alternative for you; they are very popular this summer as well. Finally, leave the shirt untucked, and finish the look with a denim jacket or a vest for a more casual look, and tuck the shirt and complete the look with a sequin or leather jacket if you are aiming for a dressier look. These outfits are especially perfect for picnics, boat trips, tea parties and more.

The suggestions above are just “the tip of the iceberg” on how to pair and style a body con skirt. With a skirt of such a simple cut, there are unending possibilities of how to style it. Be creative and don’t be afraid to play around with different color combinations or patterns! On a last note, this is a very rare fashion trend that suits almost all body types. One can be either skinny or curvy and still look good in it. Let’s hope for more universal fashion trends like this one, one that embraces and celebrates all body types and figures!