Chaotic, uninhibited, raw, blah, blah, blah, the same adjectives every writer uses to describe every hardcore album, right? Well, they all apply to Gutter Phenomenon, the new CD from Every Time I Die, but the Buffalo natives keep doing what they do best by taking everything you would expect from their follow-up to Hot Damn! and turning it on its head.

While a band like Hatebreed could turn out the same album 10 times over and its fans would still eat it up, the lovably vulgar ETID isn’t afraid to push its own envelope, whether it garners acclaim or not.

Though there are not as many single tracks that stand out on this album when compared to Hot Damn!, the shredding guitar work of Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams more than compensates for any nearing to monotony. Frontman Keith Buckley sounds as surly as ever with his signature booze-y charm, but ironically enough, it only serves to put out something of a fun, "party with a keg" vibe – something smooth, however initially abrasive, amidst all the chaos.

So what kind of descriptive words could effectively capture the essence of Phenomenon? ProgXcore seems to be the only thing that comes to mind; it’s the only all-encompassing term that covers everything the pacesetters are out to accomplish with this album. One thing’s for sure, it just works.

Grade: A-