Drop the Lime is a noted NYC-based DJ and producer, but Enter the Night showcases his talents as a guitarist and singer.

For “Not the Only One,” DTL uses his guitar to get a big, twangy sound favored by acts that specialize in the “spy” sound; that particular tone echoes throughout the album, whether songs are geared for the dance floor (“Bandit Blues”) or rockin’ out (the thumping “Darkness”). DTL (real name Luca Venezia) doesn’t have a particularly gripping voice or vocal style, but the tunes here are arranged so that what he does have comes across as very pleasing, especially notable on “Devil’s Eyes.”

A couple mid-album electronica numbers are not all that memorable, but DTL’s instrumental-electro take on the hoary western classic “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” is inspired, and an album standout. It’s hard to improve on Springsteen, but DTL also covers “State Trooper,” where he turns his guitar up to super-buzz.

Enter the Night won’t please everyone, but the Duane Eddy-goes-electro idea is pretty cool, and some will find a new favorite here.

Grade: B

Enter the Night is available now.