In her debut album, Susan Justice reveals to the world all the dirt she has had to encounter in her life. From playing in New York subways to her very first recorded album, Justice has worked her way to the top.

Eat Dirt features 13 self-written, personal songs that really allow us to see Justice as the person she is. From the opening track “Born Bob Dylan” to “You Were Meant to Sing,” this album is Justice’s story and feelings in lyric form. Justice has true talent, and her songs do a great job at showcasing her natural, sweet voice. Several tracks are inspirational, such as “Alive,” where the singer touches on the sensitive subject of death.

Justice’s tracks aren’t fake or produced to become big, poppy radio hits, but rather songs created to inspire. Justice’s tracks are somewhat simple, but some songs do have a bit of a kick to them. “Company” has an accordion background, whereas “Don’t Be a Stranger” incorporates a good mix of drums and piano for an interesting melody. While some tracks don’t really stand out (“Beach Bum” and “Hello Goodbye” are just ok), the album as a whole has a good and honest vibe to it.

Grade: B

Eat Dirt is available now.