There are many reasons to love summer: it’s the perfect time to bathe in the sun and enjoy the outdoors –and it also provides the ideal weather to wear summery dresses!

Summer dresses are especially awesome for lazy people like me, who do not have the energy to mix and match clothing items every single day, but still want to look good. With a summer dress, all you have to do is slip the dress on and pair it with sandals or any other kind of shoe of your choice. Complete the look with sunglasses and perhaps a straw hat, and you are ready to go out. It totally saves you the hassle of having to mix and match! Best of all, summer dresses seem to ALWAYS be on trend, and this season is no exception. There is no denying that we have all seen numerous people wearing dresses of all styles in the streets and models strutting down the runway in them countless times. Therefore, it is good to stock up on them! Here is a guide to some fresh and inexpensive summer dresses that will keep you cool and looking hot without spending a lot of money throughout the summer (starting from $15.89)!


Let’s begin with talking about the popular cuts and patterns of dresses this summer! This season, the focus of summer dresses is on the detailing. You will see a lot of dresses with a zipper in the front, as well as funky cut-out designs on the back of the dresses. Ruffles and lace are two major hits for summer dresses too! The lightness they convey makes them especially nice to wear for the summer. As for patterns, a lot of tribal stripes, as well as zig-zags, have been spotted on the racks in tons of brand-name clothing stores. Paisley is making a big comeback this season as well! And of course, the seemingly never out-of-style pattern, floral, remains to be huge this summer!

This form-fitting red dress is comfy and sexy with a zipper in the front. The brightness of the red screams summer, and the studded detailing on the pocket is also in trend.

Back cut-outs:
The simple design of this dress allows you to dress it up or down for both formal and casual events. It is also multipurpose. From the front, it is an elegant classic white sundress that is suitable for a lot of occasions. From the back, you can surprise your friends with the funky cut outs of a different color!

At first glance, this light-colored piece may look like a floral skirt paired with a white tank top. However, upon closer examination, you will realize that it is actually a dress! Your girly side can definitely be fully radiated by this feminine dress.


In regards to dress lengths, there is something for everyone! Mini, midi and maxi are all on trend this season. 

Mini dresses are perfect for those who want to show off their legs, and they are best to pair with platform sandals. Platform sandals are a better choice than high heels to wear with summer dresses, as their casualness goes along with more styles. Moreover, this combination will create an effect that makes your legs look like they go on for miles. 

This colorful and fun mini dress has blended in one of the hottest patterns this year: tribal. The contrast between the zig-zags at the bottom and the horizontal stripes on top convey a very abounding and interesting visual image.

If you are more on the petite side and want to accomplish a classier look, midi dresses are probably your best choice among the three lengths. Midi dresses make a better fit for petite girls, as maxi dresses might be a bit too overwhelming for smaller body frames. One suggestion is to pair your midi dress with Roman sandals. Since the length of the dress just hits the knees, it would be nice to show off some shoes with nice patterns and detailing.

Tie-dye has made a huge comeback this season! Plus, with the appropriate length and special designs at the back of this dress, you will certainly capture the spotlight everywhere you go, whether it’s the beach or the mall or any place else!

Here is another midi dress for you! This one is proper for dressier events, like a wedding or a graduation. The black color may seem a bit too heavy for summer, but the sheerness of the dress makes it season appropriate. Try adding a belt to accentuate your waist and give your body some shape!

Finally, maxi dresses! They are my favorite out of the three, as they are super comfortable and suitable for all body types! Also, they are perfect to wear to out to eat: with the looser design at the waist area, you can eat as much as you want without having to worry about your belly sticking out. On top of that, they are easy to accessorize as well. Maxi dresses go well with almost everything. Just put on some bangles and a statement necklace, and you are good to go! Another benefit for lazy people like me: one doesn’t even have to stress too much about matching your shoes with the dress. Since the dress is so long, people are unlikely to be able to tell what kind of shoes you really are wearing. The invention of the maxi dress is the ultimate heaven for those days when you don’t want to put too much thought into an outfit but still want to look good!

This dress screams fun! It is the perfect dress for wearing to the beach or a weekend getaway! The halter design also allows you to show more skin on the back. The color of the dress is noteworthy as well, as coral is one of the hottest colors this year!

On a last note, I have a challenge for you all! Try on some peplum and high-low hemline dresses if you are adventurous and audacious! These are two daring styles to try!

High-low hemline:
With the hemline and the patterns of this dress, wearing it allows you to display two hot trends this summer at the same time!

This dress is truly a style steal. Many peplum dresses are pretty pricey, as they are mostly seen on runways and carried by brand names, but this one is only $18! Purchase it and show it off at your next party…if you dare to!