Oregon-based pop artist Sara Jackson-Holman maps out matters of the heart on her sophomore selection, Cardiology, the follow-up to her mature 2009 debut, When You Dream. Life has been a bit rough for Jackson-Holman. Her 13 new tracks are a personal passage about love and loss, featuring several concerning the death of her supportive grandfather, including “For Albert,” which adeptly blends soft beats with Beethoven’s popular piano composition, “Für Elise,” bringing to mind a cross between classical motifs and Adele’s adult alternative-pop. The somber, piano-propelled ballad “Freight Train” and similarly structured “Come by Fire” (both of which also showcase Jackson-Holman’s classical music education) continue the poignant journey. But it’s slightly more forceful and soulful material such as “Can’t Take My Love” and “Do I Make It Look Easy” (which also echoes Adele) where Jackson-Holman excels: tunes driven by piano and light beats that are readymade for radio and/or your latest smartphone play list.

Grade: B

Cardiology releases July 24.