A new social network created by Chilean twin brothers Cristobal and Sebastian Zegers, Huntcha has officially launched an enigmatically provocative YouTube campaign with renowned celebrities, which features Kat Graham, April Bowlby and Kika.

“The celebrities who participated were chosen not only because they're sexy, but because they represent and personify the Huntcha brand," co-founder Cristobal says through a prepared statement. 

Founded by the 32-year-olds in October 2011, Huntcha is an online service aiding the discovery of secret admirers. Huntcha is growing day-by-day, and with the seductive video campaign, it is sure to spark even more attention in the U.S.

“Huntcha is a tool that helps win hearts," says Sebastian. "It's similar to wearing certain clothes or a special perfume in order to attract the person you like."

Graham, 22, is an actress, singer, dancer and model residing in Los Angeles. The Switzerland-born member of the Teen Choice Award 2012 winning cast of “Vampire Diaries” adds fire to the campaign by providing thrilling sex appeal in her 50-second long video. Whether a man or woman, you become rapidly entangled in Graham's obvious desire to seduce you. Upon kissing the screen with her juicy, yet enchanting lips, Graham easily captures your attention when it comes to Huntcha.

"We have an intuitive feeling that Huntcha is going to take off –we've seen how the network seems to touch a nerve among people who hear about it, as many create accounts just after learning how it works,” Sebastian says.

And this is where Graham comes in, along with Bowlby and Kika.

A 31-year-old California native, actress Bowlby (Alan’s gorgeous girlfriend from “Two and a Half Men”) adds charisma and charm with her 48-second sensation. With her lengthy, captivating legs and blonde hair, Bowlby has an appeal like no other. She enchants with her bright summer dress, a bewitching stare into the camera, and a wet tongue-lick to the lens before leaving while blowing a kiss.

Then there is Serbian-born Kristina Jovanovic, better known as Kika. At just 16, she is a blonde bombshell swimsuit model. With a pink tank-top and ripped jean shorts, Kika offers 34 seconds of innocent, but elfin pleasure. And the finger-in-the-mouth portion, which Kika soothingly adds, lights a fire.

“We're sure that the campaign isn't going to go unnoticed,” Cristobal says.

Huntcha's mission is simple: “Discover if you’re the secret love of your secret love.” The network's users can include a maximum of nine people from Facebook to their secret list. Essentially, if two users mutually add each other to their secret lists, a virtual match is set. Thereafter, Huntcha privately notifies both individuals. To confirm identities and promote safety, those utilizing Huntcha are required to have a Facebook account.

For more information on Huntcha and to view each video, click here.