Have you ever noticed that no matter what makeup you are wearing, the products that you wear on your eyes and lips catch the most attention all the time? Your pick of eye shadow and lipstick, as well as how well they set on your skin, undoubtedly plays a large part in determining whether your overall makeup look is considered pretty –or lousy.

Ever encountered a situation where you have crafted your eye makeup with extra care, only to find it disappeared into thin air in a few hours, and ended up having all your effort thrown to the wind? Or how many times have you worn a lipstick that made your lips feel dry or even chapped? I am sure many people have come across those annoying problems that you can’t wait to get rid of. Well, it is finally time for you to bid them farewell as you bid my two new makeup besties hello: the Eye Prime and Rouge Artist Natural, both created by the artistic brand Make Up For Ever. They both are such quality products that I am sure you will love them as much as I do!

Eye Prime

Any professional makeup artist would tell you that applying eye shadow primer on your eyelids is a necessary first step towards a flawless eye makeup look that can last all day long! Therefore, even though the eye shadows from Make Up For Ever are already crease-proof and budge-proof, it is still good to apply a thin layer of eye shadow primer to the eyelids. This is the first-ever eye shadow primer formulated with a combination of waxes and fixings launched by the company, and it does not disappoint at all. After my first delightful encounter with it, it has earned my trust as a guard that shields me from anything (from the dust and heat caused by nature to the oil produced by my very own eyelids) that may potentially cause eye shadow to slip or disappear. On top of being an excellent and loyal guard that holds eye shadows in place, the Eye Prime has one more wonderful add-on function: it can intensify color pay off! What a big bonus! With its lightweight formula and creamy texture, the product can be glided onto your eyelids effortlessly.

In addition, the Eye Prime is suitable for all types of skin tones due to its nude tone, and can be blended in clearly without any edges. It is also a time-saver, and it will certainly come in handy when you are running late but do not want to go out with a bare face, as it works just as well on its lonesome! Your eye area can immediately be brightened up with simply a fast swipe on the eyelids, which takes only a few seconds to do.

I tested it out myself by wearing it as an eye shadow base to an extremely crowded club one night. I danced the entire night away, and all those movements with the lack of airflow made me sweat –a lot. It was not the best clubbing experience, but I am glad to report that my eye makeup survived through the night. It was perfectly intact by the time I reached home. The functions of this product are indeed identical to the company’s claim: “This universally flattering, nude eyelid primer is designed to stabilize all eye shadows, intensify color pay off and prevent creasing.” To sum up, this is another great Make Up For Ever product that delivers great results!

Rouge Artist Natural

Can you think of 50 different lipstick shades off the top of your head? I bet most people are not able to do it –but Make Up For Ever can, and has create a lipstick collection, Rouge Artist Natural, with 50 different luminous shades that come in three distinct finishes: satin, iridescent and diamond, to cover the demands of everyone! Compared to the typical Make Up For Ever products, the shades of these lipsticks are less pigmented and the colors are less intense, which makes them a good fit for accomplishing a natural and light look.

I have to say that I am in love with the smooth texture of these lipsticks. Wearing this product is like wearing a favorite lip balm that is super moisturizing, and it comes with a bonus, as it is able to add a sheer pop of glossy color to your lips as well! Lipsticks that possess such a high level of hydration and comfort for your lips are hard to come by! So, when you finally come across one, don’t let it slips pass you easily. The perfect marriage found between lipstick and lip balm in this product is contributed by its three key ingredients: Cuapacu butter, which is rich in essential fatty acids, Candelilla wax and beeswax.

With 50 colors in the collection, it is definitely possible to find the perfect shade appropriate for any mood or event!