How many times have you found your closet overflowing with clothes that you want to get rid of, but feel like it’s a waste to throw them away? Or, ever found yourself in need of a major shopping spree but are running low on money? Then it’s time to head to Crossroads Trading Co.!

This buy-sell-trade store can definitely help you solve any of your wardrobe woes. Crossroads Trading Co. is an upgraded version of a consignment store, as it is filled with high quality brand name items, and there are even brand new clothes stocked at the racks closest to the entrance. When you sell something here, you receive your cash or trade up front, which saves all the hassle of getting credits after your item sells.

If you are looking to sell your clothes to the store, a buying guide with clear descriptions on what trends they are looking to buy is provided on their website. This way, you can avoid running into embarrassing situations, such as bringing a whole bag of clothes to the store and bringing that same whole bag of clothes home.

On top of being a great place to sell, this is also a great store for people to buy. Everything is in extremely good shape and sold at greatly discounted prices. For instance, I found a Longchamp bag that is usually priced over at least $100 for $33! Seriously, what Longchamp fan can resist the temptation, and not bring the bag home? Other brands for sale include Marc Jacobs, Coach, Juicy Couture, Prada and many more!

Crossroads Trading Co. is an excellent place to make a few quick bucks, as well as a shopping paradise for fashion-savvy college students who like to indulge in brand names on a budget!

Crossroads Trading Co. has locations throughout the Los Angeles area. Hollywood: 7409 Melrose Ave.; Pasadena: 104 E. Colorado Blvd.; Santa Monica: 1449-B 4th St.; Studio City: 12300 Ventura Blvd.; Silver Lake: 2656 Griffith Park Blvd.; West Hollywood: 8315 Santa Monica Blvd. For store hours and more information, visit