Brandy Melville
10924 Weyburn Ave., Los Angeles

Located on Weyburn Avenue, this store remains a “must-go” for UCLA students and Westwood residents, even with so many unique boutiques in the area. The style of clothes carried by this store is reminiscent of Free People and Urban Outfitters – that boho and hipster style that has been seen repeatedly in the Spring/Summer 2012 collections – but the clothes here are more affordable. Trendy casual pieces made with Italian cotton, including crop tops, tank tops, off-the-shoulder tops, tees, floral dresses, bandeaus, etc. dominate the racks. They are so comfortable and effortlessly cute that I would not mind lounging around in them all day long! Pair one of their signature light, loose and sheer tank tops with a bandeau underneath along with a pair of high waisted shorts, and you are well on your way to perfecting the laid back and trendy Californian look! Prices vary depending on the item. Most of the tank tops are around or under $20, but there are also sweaters that cost over $50. The décor of the store is noteworthy as well. Most of the wooden signs hanging in the store, adorned with everything from Chanel logos to “UCLA,” are not solely for decoration purposes, but they are for sale as well. The entire store is built out of wood (or at least wood-looking materials), which gives you an illusion of being in a beach house as you are strolling around the boutique. Definitely pay a visit to this always busy-busy store next time you happen to be in the area!

Happy Six
2115 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles

Calling all Japanese brand aficionados (and everyone else who wants to add a funky Japanese touch to your closet)! If you are a fan of cutsie Japanese brands, such as Angry Little Girls, Tokidoki, Sanrio, Spicy Brown, Hello Kitty and many more brands of the like, look no further than this “super kawai” store located on Sawtalle, surrounded by a lot of awesome restaurants (mainly Japanese). It is almost like a Little Tokyo on the west side of Los Angeles, and it’s a great place for the whole family to shop, as there are sections for men, women and kids. Things from clothing items like t-shirts, hats and shorts, to non-clothing items like key chains, shoes, lotions, plush toys, iPhone covers and skateboard decks, can all be found in this tiny trendy space. On top of selling merchandise from the more well known brands mentioned above, the store also carries a lot of artwork created by local Asian-American artists. The prints are so cool and unique that you will definitely want to consider adding one or two pieces to your closest. Their website claims, “We have a lot of fun here, and we hope you do too. Welcome to our crazy fun world of Happy Six.” And they really do live up to what they promise: I always step out the store with an uplifted mood even if I didn’t buy anything! The odd, cool, funky collections there never cease to amaze me, and there are always hilarious prints that give me a good laugh!