Untitled Document While Doug Pinnick holds down the lead vocals for this power trio, the real key to their sound is the fact that all three members sing. Their harmonies, on almost every song, are note-perfect and bring balance to their heavy vibe.

But a couple of the songs here are possibly a bit too smooth to please long-time (especially male) fans, like "If" and the acoustic "Honesty" which is clearly aimed at a potentially huge female radio listener-ship.

The band has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to commercial radio and it seems that they are trying very hard to tap into that market. The result is that Ogre Tones is an uneven album – not in its musicianship, which is superlative – but in the flow of the album.

These guys are way too good to be slagged off, but they still haven’t hit the heights they are capable of.

Grade: C+