Listening to this CD is one of the most difficult listening experiences I’ve ever had. Not because the music is bad – it’s actually pretty good. What made it so frustrating to listen to was that while listening, I was trying to place what other bands they sound like throughout the entire album. Just off the top of my head: Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, the Offspring, the Dwarves, Faith No More, Fu Manchu, Green Day, The Sex Pistols ... they pretty much run the whole mainstream punk-stoner rock-metal gamut. There is not a single original thought on this CD.

Of course, they do it competently enough, and at least they rip off good bands. There are even moments where they threaten to find their own sound; alas, they aren’t quite that adventurous yet. Songs like "John Wayne" and "Thirsting for More" bring the rock, but it’s rock that has already been brought by many bands before them.

There’s potential here; their influences are certainly in the right places. ASG just needs to figure out how to move beyond their influences and do something, you know, original.

Grade: C+