The Mayan Theater was packed for the sold out Lucha VaVOOM 10th Anniversary Spectacular. The event includes luchadores of all sizes, burlesque performers of all genders, and a few surprises, and slams them all together into two hours of pure awesomeness.

The show starts off with the MC greeting the crowd, and things get warmed up with a nice little burlesque performance. Then the acting really kicks in. A tag-team session of lucha libre fighting was the first card of the night, and the crowd was instantly fired up. The thrill of this event comes from choosing the extremely wild characters to root for, the constant call and response from the hosts, and of course, the fantastic wrestling.

Attendees really get into the event, and most can be seen dressed up in masks and other attire reflecting the show. It creates a really fun party atmosphere that blurs the line between the stage and the crowd because everyone is wrapped around the main stage and yelling just as much as the performers. It’s easily one of the best events in Los Angeles, so keep an eye out for the next one.

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