It’s that time of the year again! Signs of the imminent arrival of another school year are already showing: temperatures are dropping and “back to school” sales are suffusing the malls and supermarkets. If you’re heading to UCLA this fall, here are some tips to make the best of your campus life.

1. Undie Run
This is a UCLA tradition that takes place quarterly during finals week as a goofy stress release for students to take their minds off the books for a while. As the name suggests, participants streak across campus wearing nothing but underwear! It usually attracts a large crowd, with over a thousand students participating.

2. Freebies
Take advantage of these free resources on campus to make the most of your college budget:
- Free brewed coffee is available at one of the most popular study lounges on campus, Kerckhoff Coffee House, during 10th and finals week!
- Students can print up to 100 pages a quarter for free at the Student Activities Center (SAC) and the second floor of the Public Affairs building (if you are enrolled in a social science class). Free printing is also available at Covel and DeNeve for dorms residents.
- Make it a habit to visit the UCLA Happenings: Events Calendar page ( because free events are often promoted there. Chances are that you will be able to enjoy a free concert, musical or movie with your friends without spending any green!

3. Bruins’ Night Out
This is another awesome event that allows UCLA students to have fun and enjoy various deals by simply flashing their Bruin card at the participating stores in Westwood Village. Past deals have included free cookies at Diddy Reese, buy 1 get 1 free subs at Subway, 50 cent chicken wings at Nappa Valley Grille, and free movies at Regency’s Bruin Theatre. Though there are sure to be huge lines at all the participating stores, it’s a great opportunity to make new friends while you wait!

4. Study Spots
Apart from having fun, the formula for success in college would not be complete without a decent amount of study time. So let’s switch gears and talk about some nice but lesser-known study spots at UCLA.
- Young Research Library – Upper floors
This is the most modern and colorful library at UCLA. The newly renovated first floor has been getting more and more popular, but the upper floor remains overlooked by most. Besides the convenience of finding a cubicle when the first floor is packed, there is one more bonus of studying upstairs: the nice aerial views of North Campus!
- The greensward next to the Janss Steps
Studying in the library all day can be really tiring. Switch it up by studying on the grass, and let your skin absorb some Vitamin D and fresh air! The view is great for people-watching too!

5. Bruin Leaders Project
Having good leadership skills is one of the most critical elements that lead us down the road of success. UCLA offers this seminar-based leadership program designed to provide effective leadership training with an emphasis on personal growth and community involvement, and it is open to all UCLA students. Like many of the free activities mentioned above, this program is covered by your quarterly tuition. It’s a unique opportunity, so don’t hesitate to sign up and take advantage!