The ultimate dream of any free-spirited fashionista music maniac is probably something like this: enjoying an amazing weekend jammed with fabulous music under the warm California sun, while expressing your inner hippie without getting strange looks for dressing like you just stepped straight from the ’60s. If you find yourself fantasizing about what I just mentioned, look no further than FYF Fest (Fuck Yeah Fest Fest)! This festival, which is as awesome as Coachella but is much more affordable, will be held on September 1-2 in Downtown L.A. Don’t forget to mark those dates on your calendar and realize your dream! Similar to Coachella, the attendees of FYF Fest are fashion savvy and hippie chic. Therefore, sporting the typical music festival uniform of t-shirts and jeans simply won’t cut it. Read on for a list of must-wear clothing items for this weekend-long extravaganza.

High-Waisted Denim Shorts
They definitely top the list! Not only because they are one of the basic staples in a hippie wardrobe, but also because they happen to be right on trend this season! Rock a high-waisted denim short with studded or patterned pockets to add an edge to your overall look.

Loose-Fitting Tank Tops
Tank tops with a loose cut follow high-waisted shorts closely on the list of what to wear to a hippie-style music festival, as they convey that liberated and carefree lifestyle advocated by the hippies flawlessly. Brands like Free People and Brandy Melville have a wide variety of tank tops of this sort available. Another option is to do-it-yourself. Simply cut up an oversized old t-shirt along the hems of its neckline and its sleeves. Stretch the material so that the edges curl up for a nicer finish. Don’t cut the arm holes so deep: You don’t want your tank top to expose your entire bra or midriff. Don’t translate your creativity and craftiness into sluttiness!

Anything Fringe
A fringe vest, crop top, jacket, bag or boots are all perfect pieces to rock at a festival. Even when the rest of your look is very clean and simple, just sporting any fringed item will instantly channel your inner hippie chick and free spirit persona.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Perfect for those who just want to add a hint of hippieness to his/her outfit without looking like a hardcore hippie. They are not as extreme as the John Lennon-style round sunglasses, but they are more hip and unique than the generic oversized celebrity-style sunglasses.


Headbands are a must! The style of the headband really does not matter: whether it is a flower headband (flower power!), a colorful braided headband, a feather headband or even a headband created out of your own hair by braiding your bangs across the forehead –just choose whatever brings out your personality. An extra ounce of carefree will be added to the hippie-dippie-trippie look effortlessly, as long as there is a thin and trendy “string” of any sort that goes around your head.

With these suggestions in mind, picking out a hippie-chic concert-ready outfit without looking like you are trying too hard should be a piece of cake! Being at the FYF Fest is like climbing into a time machine and being transported to those times when the peace sign days were in full swing! Ah, I can’t wait!