Is there a porn star living next door to you? According to the new documentary After Porn Ends, there very easily could be.

The film features a series of interviews with about a dozen actors who’ve retired from the business and who now, just like regular folks, struggle with regular problems like trying to pay the rent and maintaining personal relationships. Some have chosen a post-porn career path maybe equally exciting to their previous work: Tyffany Million is now a bounty hunter and Mary Carey hosts a reality show. Others are in more mundane situations: Raylene is a real estate agent, Amber Lynn is a counselor, and old-timer Seka passes her days chomping on cigars, gardening and cooking.

Most of the interviewees tell how they got into the porn business, what made them decide to get out and then explain to what level they are currently successful at living a straight life. There’s little salacious about the film; there are a few brief instances of nudity and a couple of F-bombs, but nothing pornographic. The interviews, conducted by Bryce Wagoner, also feature Luke Ford, Nina Hartley, Randy West, Asia Carrera and others.

Grade: B

After Porn Ends releases on DVD August 21.