Don’t expect any songs about leprechauns and shamrocks from Dublin Death Patrol; this metal band featuring Testament singer Chuck Billy and Exodus lead throat Steve Souza is named after their original home stomping grounds of Dublin, California. Put three very talented guitarists and a rhythm section behind these vocalists and you’ve got a very powerful outfit that can crank out thrashy jams like the Megadeth/Metallica mash-up of “Mind Sewn Shut,” the ever-popular demon-rock beat of “Dehumanize” and the slightly humorous thrasher “Macabre Candor” with its advisement to “remember to dismember.” Souza and Billy sing like they’re completely unhinged, the guitars rip and tear with abandon and the rhythm section pounds exactly as you’d expect. The members of this seven-man band played together when they were teens then went on to find individual metal stardom with other bands.  It only takes one listen to be thankful that the guys took the time to cut this reunion record.

Grade: A

Death Sentence is available now.