Venezuelan music trio Grupo Treo is one of the most recent musical sensations from Latin America. Composed of Rey, Danny Daniel and Chucho, Grupo Treo present their latest album release in Pegate. The production sports an incomparable set of songs blending the romantic ballad, tropical rhythms, reggaeton, rock, and pop, among others. 

Pegate represents a grand opportunity to witness pure talent at work, particularly because of the originality it carries. The majority of the pieces are high in energy and tempo, led by the incorporated merengue sounds. “Sin Miedo” (Without Fear), for example, has a little bit of everything – including a bachata-feel to it in the beginning. Rather gently, it disappears suddenly into what transforms to be a very-enjoyable tune; it is romantic, detailing the nature of asking a woman to dance, losing control and experiencing desirable kisses. The vocals from Rey and Danny Daniel are beyond satisfying, and Chucho’s rapping ability becomes a sensational element adding solidness to “Sin Miedo.”

Additionally, “Te Reto” (I Challenge You) provides yet another look at Grupo Treo’s pulsating sound. At times a merengue urbano and even the likes of a perico ripiao, “Te Reto” serves perfectly as a danceable track. Instrumentally highlighted by a resonating trumpet, the song describes the challenge given to a woman – Chucho’s set is incredible, and that trumpet delivers an exotically sexy feel throughout its length (over three and a half minutes).

But the 14-track disc also includes a mellow, smooth side with “Niña Mujer” (Girl Woman), “Un Poco Mas” (A Little More), and “La Excusa” (The Excuse), among other samples. “Un Poco Mas” is an intriguing melody because of its bachata background, but it fuses pop and rock as well. That’s just another genre in itsef, but Grupo Treo achieve it marvelously. 

The South American trio reign supreme in uplifting the audience’s spirit, however, and “Mi Amor” (My Love) conveys that. Arguably the best entity on the disc, “Mi Amor” features impeccable vocals by Rey and Danny Daniel, while Chucho instills the urban portion in fine fashion, but doing so in a romantic manner. Interestingly enough, “Mi Amor” carries an electro-house-pop scenery to it, but the merengue is prominent.

Overall, Pegate is by far one of the most enjoyable albums of the year. 

Grade: A-

Pegate is available now.