KPFK's 90.7 FM "Travel Tips for Aztlan" hosted a live performance from Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno in their Studio City-based studios Saturday night. The show was heard throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Diego, and within international locations like Guatemala, Argentina and Uruguay.

Moreno, who is Los Angeles-based, provided a unique show for the radio listeners. Accompanied by her full six-member band (drums, guitar, bass, piano, back up vocals), the 30-year-old Moreno delivered quite the musical treat. She led off with her first single "Ave Que Emigra" (Migrating Bird) from her album titled Postales (Postcards), which releases Sept. 4.

The blues, soul, and jazz musician, who possesses one of the most beautiful voices ever, displayed six tunes from Postales that featured a soothing "Blues de Mar" (Blues of Sea) and "Valle de Magnolias" (Valley of Magnolias). Acclaimed Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona wrote "Blues de Mar," but Moreno formulated the entire set of music to go along with it. "Valle de Magnolias," as Moreno declares, is a track relating to a state of happiness - like being in a strawberry field. It's beyond creative how this melody came to be. Both tracks are legitimately filled with amazing lyrics and music.

Before ending the night, the charismatic Moreno went on to sing "Mess A Good Thing" and "Sing Me Life" directly off her 2011 record Illustrated Songs. The night not only included live music from Moreno, but an intriguing interview conducted by KPFK's radio personality Mark Torres and exquisite food from Tikal Restaurant Cocina Maya (located at 4840 Huntington Drive South, Los Angeles 90032).


Co-owners Mario Granados and Darwin Amador surprised Moreno, the band and others with chuchitos (small tamales) and rellenitos (plantains filled with black beans). Both items are traditional foods in Guatemala.

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