Attention current seniors! After you walk across the stage, grab your diploma and enter the world as a recent grad, you're going to find yourself looking back on your last few years at college. What memories will you have? Well, we've provided a bucket list we recommend you try to achieve (if you haven't already) before graduation!

1. Road Trip with Your Friends
It doesn’t matter where you go. You can plan a whole trip to special destination, or just pack up your things and hit the road. The goal here is to take a journey, an adventure. It’s not about getting to the final location; it’s about living in the moment with your closest friends.

2. Skydiving
No matter what anyone says, jumping out of a plane will always be cool. Enough said.
3. Go to a Crazy College Spring Break
Go to a tropical location where a bunch of other college students from around the nation will be and have the wildest week of your life. Attend the wet T-shirt contests, enjoy a cocktail while standing in a swimming pool filled with too many people, forget all of your responsibilities, and get your party on. College is the best time to go on a trip like this because when you get back to reality you’ll probably need a week to recover from your adventure. Recovering during lecture is a lot easier than recovering during a nine-to-five job.

4. Attend a Play/Musical Put on by Your School
There are people at your school who have decided to devote their lives to becoming actors, production designers, directors, dancers and more, so one can assume that they know a thing or two about putting on a good show. Who knows? You might even be watching a future TV star or Tony Award-winning actor. Also, at most universities, events like this are free, so you might as well take advantage of it while you can.

5. Volunteer
Once you enter the working world, getting the chance to volunteer will be much more difficult, so you should seize the opportunity now. You can do a run or walk, help plant a community garden or devote time to an organization that supports something you are passionate about. Volunteering gives you a sense of meaning and helps you remember the bigger picture. Plus, it could lead to a career path for you in the future.

6. Host the Ultimate Beer Pong Tournament
Beer Pong is the best college drinking game, and it is a great reason to get your friends together. Most people will play a game or two at a party and then move on; however, it’s fun to make it an official competition. Organize teams, get two tables, put plastic wrapping on your floors, and do not forget to get the Solo cups and Ping Pong balls. Keep track of the winning teams. Whoever wins gets a trophy or prize they will probably not realize they won until they see it lying on the floor the next morning.

7. Explore Every Building on Campus
This sounds like a ridiculous or pointless activity to do, but you’ll be surprised by all of the rooms filled with the work that is being done on your campus. It’s so easy to go to the same places on your campus everyday, and eventually you forget that there are so many other types of students doing amazing projects and activities around you. Explore the halls of the film school, see the sketches on the walls in the fine arts department, or go to the architecture library.

8. Go Skinny-Dipping
You are young and free so you might as well let it all hang loose and jump in the water. Skinny-dipping can be a hilarious occurrence amongst friends, a bet that you lost or a romantic moment. Whatever it is, it will certainly become a memory that will last.

9. Attend a Drink Special for Every Night of the Week
The Mexican restaurant near you probably has a special on margaritas one night of the week, and the Italian restaurant probably has a special on another night for wine. Why not take advantage of these specials and go to one each night of the week for seven consecutive days of cheaper alcohol and a good time with friends? This is a fun goal to set with your buds and something that you will probably only have the time and endurance for while in college.

10. Take a Class Outside of Your Major
Basket weaving, ceramics, ballet, screenwriting, guitar or any other class that sounds interesting to you will do. You might not get the opportunity to take a class just for the fun of it again, so you should do it at least once. It’s also a great way to find a new hobby, passion or useful skill.